A-Train 9 Viewer

Name: A-Train 9 Viewer
Name (Original): A列車で行こう9 ビュアー
Publisher: ARTDINK, 2010
Website: http://www.a-train9.jp/
Download Link: Page, File - SetupA9Viewer.exe (413MB)
Interactive: Yes
My Benchmark Result: 28.6 FPS (OpeningA), 24.4 (DemoA), 25.4 (DemoB), 25.2 (OpeningB)
Notes: Run program using the green icon. Run config with orange icon.
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A-Train 9 is the latest in the railroad management series. Similar to their previous benchmarks, this one shows off the world with various camera flybys highlighting the trains, terrain, buildings and more. When the program starts, press the mouse button to reveal the menu. Click on the top right button of the menu to display the frame rate. The top left button will start/restart the benchmark loop, which consists of 4 different sequences (named OpeningA, DemoA, DemoB, OpeningB in the frame rate panel). In addition to the benchmark, you can load load levels where you have a free camera to move around (using mouse). Benchmark only scores in FPS. Gentle music, and nice graphics showing off a lot of different visuals.


Video (OpeningA):

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