D.C. Girl's Symphony Benchmark

Name: D.C. Girl's Symphony Benchmark
Name (Original): D.C. Girl’s Symphony ~ダ・カーポ~ ガールズシンフォニー ベンチマークソフト
Publisher: Sanctuary/CIRCUS, 2008
Website: http://sanctuary.nandemo.gr.jp/work/dcgs/index.html
Download Link: Page, File - DCGS_Checker.zip (25MB)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: Passed
Notes: No installer - unzip and run. No sound.

Shio is a high school student. Her parents are abroad on business, so she lives with her older brother, Takaaki. They live a peaceful life, but Shio has a secret.... One day, twin brothers, Ryouhei and Kouhei, and their older brother, Aoi, transfer to her school. All girl students are excited to see their handsome faces. So is Shio, but her first impression towards Ryouhei is very bad. Their school life starts like this.... A while later, Shio decides to hire a home tutor. However, the home tutor is Kei, an older brother of Ryouhei, Kouhei, and Aoi.... (Source: Himeya Shop)

Not Recommended

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