TimeLeap Boot Bench

Name: TimeLeap Boot Bench
Name (Original): タイムリープぶーとべんち
Publisher: Front Wing, 2007
Interactive: Yes
My Benchmark Result: 30 FPS (1028x768, all graphic effects on)
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run. On exit, the program will ask if you want to submit your benchmark result online (left button = yes.)

Time Leap is a visual novel game with nicely modeled and animated 3D characters. Upon loading, an inital config screen will be shown. Default options are fine, but trial-and-error on this screen will toggle graphic effects (HDR, self-shadowing, etc.), time of day etc. The benchmark starts with a conversation with one of the characters (press mouse button to continue), then the actual test: a music video. Song is of the anime-Jpop variety. Numpad can change camera angles and zoom. Benchmark result shown in FPS. Recommended.

Config screen translation (thanks Quick Shot II Turbo!):