Jinkou Shoujo (Adult)

Name: Jinkou Shoujo (Adult)
Name (Original): 人工少女 (アダルト)
Publisher: Illusion, 2004
Direct Link: ai.exe (33MB) - Update: No direct download anymore. Go to this page and click on the download link (next to the screenshot, under "30MB")
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 30
Notes: Had to install with my XP language to Japanese: Control Panel->Regional and Lanaguage Options->Advanced->Language for non-Unicode programs=Japanese. Benchmark is second button on menu. Also known as "Artificial Girl."

Jinkou Shoujo is a 18+ hentai game where you can interact with a girl (mostly involving sex.) The benchmark (which is a demo of the game as well) is the camera flying around a small island. A bikini-clad girl is added every few seconds. Characters have a variety of animations, but no collision, so will walk through each other at times. No music - just the sounds of the beach. Not recommended.