Dragon Knight 4 Benchmark

Name: Dragon Knight 4 Benchmark
Name (Original): DragonKnight4 ベンチマーク
Publisher: ELF, 2007
Website: http://www.elf-game.co.jp/net_shop/soft/special/dra4/dk4_top.html
Direct Link: D4Bench.exe (192MB)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 233.39
Notes: Benchmark is left button on menu (right button is quit.)

Dragon Knight 4 is a strategy RPG with hentai overtones, the fourth in the long-running series that also has an anime. The benchmark is gameplay of a battle sequence, where a number of different characters move, attack and level up. Good graphics and sound, and looks like fun. Long running time. A number of settings to tweak on the initial menu, but performance didn't really seem to change much. Recommended.


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