Shin Sangokumusou Online Benchmark

Name: Shin Sangokumusou Online Benchmark
Name (Original): 真・三國無双Onlineベンチマーク
Publisher: Koei, 2006-2007
Direct Link: SMBB_BMStarter.exe (397KB, 446MB*)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 4493 (Normal)
Notes: SMBB_BMStarter.exe is a download manager. Run it to download the actual benchmark program (press the second button from the right in the download manager menus.) The benchmark main menu has three tests: Normal, Max and Min. Also known as "Dynasty Warriors Online." UPDATE: 2007/11 Game was renamed "Shin Sangokumusou Online." UPDATE: 2008/04 Official download no longer available. See below for my mirror.
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Shin Sangokumusou Online is the online version of the popular game series where it's you versus an army in beat 'em up action. The series is loosely-based upon the Chinese novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." The benchmark sees the hero and his allies leave the town to battle attacking enemy forces, and return in victory. Long running time, story progression, good mix of gameplay and action. The program wouldn't let me try the Max test for some reason. Recommended.

UPDATE 2008/04 - Koei have taken the benchmark offline, so I've uploaded it to Hyperfileshare... and it took a week... but it's there now: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.



Anonymous said...

Hi and thank you for your blog !

Is there any chance that you could upload this benchmark somewhere, because the official downloads don't appear to be working.I found the .exe at 11up but it's still not working.

Thanks again and keep it up

Anonymous said...

Looks like Koei have taken the benchmark offline... I'll try uploading it somewhere and update when done.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, it is very much appreciated !


Anonymous said...

Uploaded. See above for the new download links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, you're great !