A-Train7 Bench Mark Test

Name: A-Train7 Bench Mark Test
Name (Original): A列車で行こう7 ベンチマークテスト
Publisher: ARTDINK, 2005
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: n/a
Notes: n/a
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A-Train7 is the 2005 iteration of the railway company simulation series; the original dating back to 1992. The benchmark uses a cut-down version of the game, complete with non-interactve menu and HUD; suggesting a greater degree of testing accuracy. Feels more like a gameplay video than a benchmark, though real-time system stats update in the bottom corner. Runs in a window, which when resized affects framerate. Subsequent runs show different terrains of the game. No overall benchmark score; just FPS stats. Not recommended.



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A-Train7 Bench Mark Test

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