Happiness! Hachi Bench

Name: Happiness! Hachi Bench
Name (Original): 『はぴねす!』ハチべんち
Publisher: Windmill, 2005
Direct Link: 8bench.exe (13MB)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 10427
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run. On first run, a dialog box will appear with two buttons; Fullscreen (left), Windowed (right.)

Happiness! is a visual novel game. The benchmark is a trailer of good 2D artwork and graphic effects. Fast editing and action. Loops until you quit. In fullscreen mode, I had to use ALT-F4 to exit. Runs at 800x600 only. Very short running time, which is a little disappointing. Volume balance between sound effects and music is uneven. Recommended.

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Razorvashka said...

My Benchmark Result: 10726

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