Ayakashi Doubutsu Kenshoban

Name: Ayakashi Doubutsu Kenshoban
Name (Original): アヤカシ動作検証版
Publisher: Crossnet/Apricot, 2005
Website: http://www.cross-net.co.jp/2005/ayakashi/index01.htm
Direct Link: ayakashi_tester.exe (19MB)
Interactive: Yes
My Benchmark Result: 1294, 1233, 0654, 1565, 1662 (Five tests)
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run.

Ayakashi is a visual novel game, later turned into an anime. The benchmark has you conversing with two characters who will take you through each of the five tests (press mouse button to skip through the dialogue.) Most tests are 2D graphic effects, such as tiling and waves, and the last is some 3D particles. No music, but voice acting in Japanese. Benchmark feels limited - the test scores don't seem to go much higher. Runs at 640x480 only. Not recommended.