Rapelay Bench

Name: Rapelay Bench
Name (Original): 乳揺れ全裸電車 ~レイプレイベンチ~
Publisher: Illusion, 2006
Website: http://www.illusion.jp/rapelay/index.html
Direct Link: rapelay_benchmark.exe (6MB) - UPDATE: Hotlinking seems to have been disabled. Go to this page, then click on the the second "Download" button from the bottom
Interactive: Yes
My Benchmark Result: たいへんよくできました。
Notes: NSFW. Use mouse + mouse buttons to move camera, ALT-F4 to quit, "R" to reset camera.

Rapelay is a 3D hentai game. I won't bother debating whether such a game should exist or not. The benchmark is set in a train where every few seconds a female character model is added (see the counter at the bottom of the screen.) Models have no animation except for breast jiggle. No music; just the monotonous sound of the train. Camera control is available. Framerate dropped regularly as each model was added. Benchmark result will only tell you if your system can handle, just handle or not handle the game. Not recommended.



Anonymous said...

link to benchmark seems to be broken?

Anonymous said...

I think Illusion disabled hotlinking. You'll have to go to the download page and get it from there - see update above.

Anonymous said...

Dont work link...