Kishinhisho Demonbane Benchmark

Name: Kishinhisho Demonbane Benchmark
Name (Original): 機神飛翔デモンベイン ベンチマーク
Publisher: Nitroplus, 2006
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 16344
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run.
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Kishinhisho Demonbane is a self-described "Novel/3D Robot Action Game," part of a series that started in 2003 and later adapted into an anime. The benchmark sees two big robots battle it out one-on-one in a city at night. Lots of weapon effects, smoke and dust, and destructible buildings. J-rock music and sound effects compliment the action well. Camera in too close at times. Short running time. Benchmark score may be displayed wrong (unreadable) unless using AppLocale. Recommended.