UniversalCentury.net BENCHMARK

Name: UniversalCentury.net BENCHMARK
Name (Original): n/a
Publisher: Bandai, 2005
Direct Link: UCBENCHMARK.zip (99MB), Alternate DL
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 4974
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run.
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Universal Century Gundam Online is a MMO based on the long-running anime series. The benchmark shows a battle between Earth Federation and Zeon mobile units in amongst a city. Big robot action, but of the stand-and-fire variety. Good music and sound effects. Not many graphic effects, considering the subject matter. Framerate drops a little during wide landscape shots. Short running time. Recommended.



I said...

i cant go to the website of the game. Is it still there? Is there an english version of this game and does it still exist?

Anonymous said...


The game's servers were closed in December 2007. There was no English version of the game. I'll try to upload the benchmark program later, if I still have it...

- BO

Razorvashka said...

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