A-Train8 Bench

Name: A-Train8 Bench
Name (Original): n/a
Publisher: Artdink, 2008
Website: http://www.artdink.co.jp/japanese/title/a8/index.html
Download Link: SetupA8Bench.exe (66MB)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result: 60FPS
Notes: n/a
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A-Train 8 is the latest in the railroad management series, now proudly proclaiming that it's "fullspec hi-vision (high definition)". The benchmark is various flybys of the game world, showing off terrain, buildings, weather and time effects. The flyby lasts for about 45 seconds, at which time a menu is displayed with two options: Again or Quit. However, leave it alone, and it will automatically loop. Test score shown as framerate. Straight-forward, inoffensive and pleasant. Recommended.

Video (first 45 seconds):