Kasuga Ayumu no Tsuhan Ondo

Name: Kasuga Ayumu no Tsuhan Ondo
Name (Original): 春日歩の通販音頭
Publisher: Hirahira.net, 2003-2004
Website: http://www.hirahira.net/products/tsu_hanOndo/index.html
Direct Link: ondo101.zip (23MB)
Interactive: No
My Benchmark Result*: 913
Notes: No installer - just unzip and run.

This Christmas-themed standalone benchmark sees a girl character dancing to a Japanese obon-odori style song. Unfortunately, the program didn't run properly on my computer. The graphics were completely corrupted, making it impossible to watch. Thus, I tested it on a Toshiba Dynabook TX/860LS (Celeron 1.5GHz, 448MB RAM, ATI Radeon Xpress 200M) where it ran correctly. Short running time. Catchy song and cute visuals. Recommended.



joseph said...

Oh super cool! I love it! ^_^

E.J. said...

Woa... Creepy Osaka dancing... priceless

Razorvashka said...

Dont work at my PC system - error initilization graphics.